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Shoreline Amphitheatre - CA | Mountain View, California


Are you ready to Unearth another incredible concert from the eclectic Hozier this summer? You better be prepared because there's no holding back the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter from immersing you in a musical event that will take you to church. If you are a certified fan of the Irish singer, his "Unreal Unearth Tour" is something to look forward to this year — and if you live on the West Coast, you are in for a treat because he will be stopping at California's Shoreline Amphitheatre on September 10. With his soulful voice, charisma, and guitar-slinging skills, Hozier will surely turn the famous Mountain View, California, venue into a soul-stirring haven for music enthusiasts. Witness Hozier performs his hits from his latest album "Unreal Unearth," including "Eat Your Young," "All Things End," and "Francesca." This concert is easily the musical highlight of your summer. So be sure to secure your tickets early. Click the "Get Tickets" link and prepare to revel in the shared joy of Hozier's live music.

A decade ago, when his hit single "Take Me To Church" took the world by storm, Hozier did not expect that his life would completely change. From being a simple singer-songwriter in County Wicklow, Ireland, Hozier (Andrew John Hozier-Byrne) was catapulted into global stardom, landing him the opportunity to be signed to major labels. His eponymous debut album was a massive success, selling over four million copies and earning multiple platinum certifications in several countries. The album also earned him a Grammy nod and foreshadowed what his career would become.

Over the years, Hozier was active in touring and producing music. In every song, EP, or album he releases, fans can expect that he is true to his brand of producing quality songs that are packed with powerful lyrics. Each release has depth and, most of the time, hidden levels of meaning in the songs that are up to the listener to figure out. His themes, which don't shy away from touchy subjects to pack more philosophical knowledge into them, go well with his lyrical quality. On top of it, his baritone voice and folk and gospel-inspired music make these words stand out. Thus drawing listeners to listen closely to what he has to offer. This is evident in his sophomore album "Wasteland, Baby!" released in 2019, which tackled apocalyptic and socio-political themes.

The album did not mirror the massive success of his debut, yet it was a major success in its own right. Dubbed by critics as "an album that celebrates emotion and the wonder of music," "Wasteland, Baby!" solidified Hozier's place in the soul, rock, and indie music scene. Four years later, he would put out another incredible album, which is an ode to the pandemic experience. With songs like "Eat Your Young" and "Francesca," the Irish singer-songwriter showed once again the depth of his songwriting abilities, musicality, and vocal prowess.

In support of the album, the 34-year-old artist has embarked on a tour that has taken him already to several cities in the US. Originally slated to be only in roughly 40 cities, the tour has been extended due to popular demand. New dates have been added, and one of them is his stop at Mountain View, California's Shoreline Amphitheatre, on September 10. Catch his soulful and guitar-slinging greatness on this incredible Tuesday night. Tickets are now available, and you can get yours here by hitting the "Get Tickets" link. Secure yours now before they run out!

Hozier at Shoreline Amphitheatre - CA

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