Local attractions near the Shoreline Amphitheatre

There’s more to see and do!

Set in the heart of Silicon Valley, Shoreline Amphitheatre is surrounded by stunning local attractions.

shoreline amphitheater attractions

Shoreline Park

Nature fans should consider a walk around nearby Shoreline Park. It’s set along San Francisco Bay, with glorious views, a nature reserve, and various outdoor activities. Water sports fans can head to Shoreline Sailing Lake, where you’ll find many ways to spend an afternoon.

Computer History Museum

Crazy about tech? Then a day at the Computer History Museum is a great option. Just a mile from Shoreline Amphitheatre, this museum will show you the history of computing — from the early days to advanced modern machines. You’ll also get a picture of Silicon Valley’s role in computing and its broader impact on society.

Rengstorff House

History fans should consider taking the time to visit Rengstorff House. It’s located two miles from the amphitheater and is Mountain View’s oldest house. On your visit, you’ll see this stunning example of Victorian architecture while learning about its storied past and previous owners.


Mountain View’s reputation was built on big tech. In particular, Google (or parent company, Alphabet) is famous for calling this Californian town home. The entire area around Shoreline is home to their headquarters, office spaces, and working locations. You can visit the Google Visitor Experience, view a range of artifacts, and unwind at the cafe.

Levi’s Stadium

Sports fan? Then it doesn’t get much better than Levi’s Stadium. Located around 10 miles from Shoreline Amphitheatre in Santa Clara, CA, Levi’s is home to the world-famous San Francisco 49ers NFL team. Why not take a look around the stadium — or even treat yourself to 49ers tickets if you’re there on gameday.