Top 5 restaurants near the Shoreline Amphitheatre

Hungry? Mountain View has you covered. Here is our top 5 pick of restaurants near the amphitheatre that can cater for large groups with fast service!

shoreline amphitheatre restaurants

Michaels at Shoreline

Why not combine a day in Shoreline Park with a visit to Michael’s restaurant? It’s set less than a mile walk from the amphitheater, with a cozy atmosphere to welcome guests. You’ll find a great list of favorite dishes with beautiful views.

Shoreline Lake American Bistro

If you’re visiting Shoreline Lake, this is a fantastic option. The Shoreline Lake American Bistro has salads, classic dishes, a kids’ menu — basically, everything for the whole family. You can even take out or eat in the outdoor seating area surrounding the lake.

Cucina Venti Restaurant

Cucina Venti has a phenomenal local reputation. Less than a mile from Shoreline Amphitheatre, you’ll find traditional Italian food with genuine hospitality. Its high-quality menu, featuring only fresh ingredients, is the perfect pre-concert dining option.

In-N-Out Burger at 1159 N Rengstorff

In-N-Out Burger might not be the fanciest restaurant option — but it’s a must-try for any visitor. Based only on word of mouth and its famously limited menu, In-N-Out has become a California institution. Tourists can head one mile from the amphitheater to try out this legendary local eatery.

Zareen’s Restaurant

Zareen’s restaurant is famous locally for its fresh and authentic Indian/Pakistani cuisine. If you’re in the mood for some exotic flavors, why not drop by? It’s located in a mall just one mile from Shoreline Amphitheatre.